Key Signals Your Company Needs A Dedicated Server In Singapore

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Web Hosting


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It is very easy for a company to become complacent and fail to notice subtle or perhaps not so subtle signs that their online business is not as robust as expected. Companies around the world doing business in Asia should keep an eye out for these easy to spot signals that it is time to move up to a dedicated server in Singapore.

Slow Page Loads and High Bounce Rates

If you are doing business in Asia and using a server in another part of the world, you may find that there are some latency issues. This translates into slightly slower page loads, but in this world of instant load websites across all devices, a slow loading page or any type of error message due to an overloaded server is a problem.

By utilizing a dedicated server in Singapore when reaching Asian end-users and consumers, slow loading issues can be eliminated, at least those related to latency and an overworked and overloaded shared server.

High bounce rates are typically seen when pages load slowly, particularly key landing pages. Consumers today don’t want to wait one or two seconds for videos, images or graphics and they quickly click off and go to the next site. High bounce rates can impact search engine rankings as well, so it is a big factor to consider.

Fast Growth for the Business

For any business in this market in a period of rapid growth, a dedicated server in Singapore offers the resources and the capacity to keep up with that growth. Companies trying to make do with a shared server will run into problems in deploying new applications or in having the ability to allocate resources and use new technology.

While not every company needs a dedicated server, it is an important consideration when the current shared server is no longer able to provide the performance, speed and resources your website requires.

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