5 Benefits of Switching to a Dedicated Server Host

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Web Hosting


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Weighing the step from shared hosting to a dedicated Microsoft SQL server host is hard, but when you need to grow your site the switch should be a no-brainer. Take these ten benefits of switching to dedicated hosting and see what it can do for you and your site.

  1. Server resources. Whatever you need, you don’t have to share it with anyone else. The processors and RAM are all yours. Your customers won’t have to see the 5xx server based error codes because there’s nobody else to hog the resources you need.

  2. Performance. It’s a no-brainer that having a server all to yourself means being able to have the performance you need on tap when you need it. Your neighbor’s traffic doesn’t drag your site’s performance down. Your pages need to load quickly, and you need to keep an eye on how fast they load – Google Analytics can give you the best picture of your site’s performance.

  3. No maintenance. Everything from updates to upgrades is handled by the hosting company. You won’t need to field an IT department on your own.

  4. No big capital expense. Using a dedicated server provided by a third party means that there’s no outlay of money to build and deploy an onsite server for your site.

  5. Scalability and customization. Shared server hosting is one-size fits all, and if you want anything different that’s too bad. A dedicated server can be fully customized with room to scale up and back.

  6. Dedicated IP address. Not having to share an IP address with other sites mean that you can’t be punished for your bad behavior such as spamming and hosting malware. Your IP address stays off blocked lists and you can freely conduct your business.

Work with a proven provider like Planet Hosting who is familiar with deploying a dedicated Microsoft SQL server. A proven track record of working with SQL and dedicated servers will make sure that your customers never see a single error message and that pages will load quickly, smoothly, and completely.

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