Key Factors to Consider Before Availing Windows Cloud Server Hosting

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Web Hosting


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Cloud-based hosting has come a long way since its advent as a potential alternative to more traditional hosting methodologies. Windows cloud server hostinghas emerged as a top choice for the voluminous hosting needs of businesses across the world. Apart from benchmark scalability, powerful features and reliability, Microsoft’s managed cloud services add to the convenience of business owners. It is quite simply one of the most comprehensive cloud computing platforms available today. But before you go ahead and purchase a Windows cloud hosting plan, gaining full knowledge about features and perks is necessary.

The Most Important Windows Cloud Hosting Factors

The vital factors to consider before opting for any Microsoft Windows-based cloud server hosting plan mostly deal with resources and features. Take a look –

1. Amount of RAM – RAM or Random Access Memory is a key determinant in the performance and stability of any cloud-based hosting setup. You might come across Windows cloud hosting plans that offer anywhere between 4 to 16 GB of RAM. Be aware that you will have to pay more to get more RAM.

2. Monthly bandwidth – Bandwidth also plays an important role in maintaining the consistency of business operations while enabling scalability. But, it is also important not to pay huge fees for bandwidth you practically won’t need. Since most hosting service providers offer monthly plans, try to get an estimate of how much bandwidth you actually require during a given month. Flexible plans may allow you to raise bandwidth effortlessly.

3. The number of cores – Servers come with 2, 4 or 6 cores that you can rely on to produce the computing power needed for your business-critical operations. The number of cores can prove to be as crucial as the RAM when it comes to server performance and reliability.

4. Storage offered – If you are in the market for suitable Windows cloud server hostingplans, do not settle for one that offers seemingly insufficient storage. Scalability demands can rise anytime, and your cloud storage cannot fall short.

Consult with a Windows cloud hosting service to explore appropriate plans. Click here for more details.

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