Framework Selection With An Atlanta PHP Developer

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Software Development


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PHP is an open source scripting language used for many different applications. It is most commonly associated with website development and, while users may not realize it, they are benefiting from PHP every time they go online.

For a company hiring a PHP developer, it is essential to understand the use of frameworks. Frameworks are foundations or structures for websites which offer the basics already pre-designed and tested. After all, websites of all types have similarities and common functions and features.

By choosing a framework, the PHP developer can help to reduce the time it would take to develop a quality site by starting with the foundation. Then, features could be added from a library or write original code if required. The use of the framework saves the developer time, but it also ensures the basics of the website are fully operational and tested, which also means a faster turnaround time for design and development.


In addition to the more rapid development of a website, the PHP developer can tap into the security of a framework. Keep in mind, all frameworks and scripts in libraries are user-generated, so they are fully tested and reviewed by professionals in the field.

By using a framework, these security measures are embedded throughout the website. The most common source of vulnerabilities are scripts which have not be tested and deployed. With continual upgrades and improvements, this is a central factor to consider.

Ease of Maintenance

It is important to continually test and maintain code as well as modify and develop new aspects of the website. By choosing the right framework for the application, the developer can help tensure this will be a reasonable, streamlined process, which saves time and money, even with ongoing changes to the original site.

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