Why You Need an Obsolescence Management Plan

by | May 24, 2019 | Computers


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Technology advances at a rapid rate and an unforeseen consequence of this is that parts may become obsolete while the machine or piece of technology is still running perfectly. In the past, a machine would become redundant or obsolete while parts to this machine were still floating around. Today’s technology is a whole different world. Here are the two main reasons you need an obsolescence management plan.

Frequent Updating of Parts

With today’s machines, much of the mechanical and electrical work is performed by microprocessors. As technology advances, new and better parts are put out. But when you’ve invested thousands of dollars into your new robotic welder, you are not going to want to buy a new one in three years when the technology has changed. In this fast-paced world, however, the parts that are needed to fix and maintain your old one may no longer be manufactured. If you already had an obsolescence management plan in place, you’ll be prepared for this eventuality instead of bemoaning it.

Supply Chain Erosion

The entire supply chain doesn’t need to be updated or changed for you to feel the effects. If even one link of the supply chain changes hands, you could suddenly find yourself not knowing how to get the parts you need. As companies grow, they use new technology to ship things faster and more efficiently. They may contract with a different delivery service, and some services will no longer be available. If this was the service you used, you’ll be scrambling to fix this broken link.

While it may be depressing to consider all of the ways that you can be left with an obsolete machine that you recently purchased, rest assured that the company has your back. We will help you structure an obsolescence management plan to cover every aspect of your business.

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