Immediate Advantages Of Volusion To Magento Migration

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Software Development


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It can be challenging to make the decision to change something in your current ecommerce business. When that change is something that is significant, such as Volusion to Magento migration, it is important to know the advantages that will be able to take advantage of immediately through the transition.

Typically, most eCommerce sites decide to make the Volusion to Magento migration due to performance issues. With the Magento capacity to handle large eCommerce sites with more features and greater options, the results can be very pronounced once the migration is complete. Additionally, as it can be moved to different hosting services, it is also more practical to use the best possible hosting service and platform combination.

Degree of Customization

Unlike Volusion, the open source Magento software provides a very good selection of community developed options in fully customizable scripts. In addition, with expert services available to complete the Volusion to Magento migration and write code to give a unique look to your website, the level of customization is limitless.

Increased Options for Features

With large libraries of pre-developed features, upgrading the ecommerce site to respond to the demands and interest of your target audience is very simple. As an open source project, development is much faster than with the Volusion platform that is a pay for service option.

With the ability to bring in cutting-edge features to the website, it is easier to stay ahead of the competition and make your website more user-friendly, easier to navigate and generally a better option than other platforms that haven’t been upgraded to include the features.

Think of the costs involved in operating the Volusion site in the past. Now, with the Magento free ecommerce platform, it is possible to invest in professional design and development to make your website really stand out from the crowd.

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