How to Choose the Best Dedicated Hosting Service

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Web Hosting


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Dedicated hosting basically allows webmasters to have full control over and access to their server. In contrast to shared hosting plans, in dedicated servers the resources are independent for your server. When you purchase or lease a dedicated server, you are responsible for all of the associated resources. All aspects of your site are at your discretion.

While shared servers were all the rage several years back, businesses have come to realize the importance of having their own dedicated servers. Despite the higher costs that are associated with dedicated servers, there are many reasons why businesses prefer them over other forms of hosting. A business owner wouldn’t want to compromise on several aspects of the website out of which its uptime is probably the most important one. As the website is most likely going to be the first interaction a prospect will have with the business, it needs to be up all the time to present a professional front for the business.

Get Complete Control Over Your Server
If you or someone on your team understands servers and knows how to handle them, you might benefit from the greater control that dedicated servers give you. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting gives you root (administrative) access to your server. This removes any restrictions about the types of modification you can do to the configuration of the server.

Improve the Security of your Data
One of the major pitfalls of shared hosting is that the employees of the host have access to the files and data stored on your website. They have the ability to read, modify and delete your data. While this isn’t very common, most businesses aren’t willing to take any chances with the integrity and confidentiality of their data. Dedicated hosting addresses this problem by ensuring that you alone have access to your server and no one else can access the data stored on your server. The greater control that you get with dedicated servers allows you to make your server more secure by installing any additional software or firewalls that you might deem necessary.

Customize your Software
Dedicated servers give you the freedom to install a multitude of software packages depending on your requirements. This feature gives you the ability to install any scripts or applications which help you make your website better. This often results in a much better user experience and allows you to provide additional services to your visitors on the best available media and information.

If you want to keep your business current, choosing a dedicated server will be the best option. If you wanted to, for example, send out alerts or offer daily giveaways, a shared plan would not allow you to do so without going through your provider. This will cost you extra time and frustration. With a little knowledge about servers, you can have the most hands-on and efficient solution to your business needs. The freedom, time savings and independence you gain will be well worth the effort and expense.

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