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by | Apr 5, 2012 | Web Hosting


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Web hosting services are identified to be a type of the internet hosting service where everyone can create their own website that can be access through World Wide Web. The web hosts are identified to be the companies that give space through a good server. At present, there are different types of web hosting services that are present. To be able to know them allows you to have the best one that suits your needs to the website you have.

Different Types of web hosting services

A Dedicated hosting service:
This type of web hosting service enables clients to lease the whole server. On this, there will be no people or organization allowed to use the server. So, you will be the one who will administer the server. You can opt for the operating system, hardware and software that you want to choose.

Virtual Private Server:
This is the hosting service that permits different servers to operate on a similar physical server. This is the case where in the server is divided equally between servers. Every server has the capability to operate their own machine and be independently booted.

Shared Hosting Services:
These web hosting services allow hosting different sites in just one server. Every site obtains its own divided server space and the entire owners of the website share the price of the hosting.

Free Website hosting services:
This is considered as the most economical hosting services. This gives a sub domain on the website domain. There are cases that it gives the information bank on their domain.

Blog Hosting
This is another hosting service that is presently developed. The service acquires software that has the management system. Usually, the applications are downloadable in the internet and installed on web servers. However, nowadays, there are pre-installed hosting systems for blogs.

The hosting services written above are only some of the web hosting services that are provided. There are still others that you can take advantage with. The above hosting are just the usually employed services.

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