Why Voice And Data Network Cabling In Plainfield IN Should Be Installed By A Professional

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Data Communications


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Without a reliable system for making phone calls and transmitting information over the internet, a business will struggle to remain viable and competitive. Though it isn’t often thought about, the heart of an information technology system is the various voice and data network cabling in Plainfield IN that connects the phones and computers used on a daily basis to the proper service provider. If a company is looking to expand their operations or build a new facility, it is essential to hire a professional firm to install any data cabling.

Prevent Interference

Metal building elements and electrical wiring is one of the biggest nemeses of a cabling system, as they are both known to cause latency issues and have even caused data transmissions to become scrambled. A professional will know the best location to install any wiring and will make sure it is not near any items that may cause future service issues. Also, they will ensure they are hidden from view after installation, which creates a streamlined appearance.

Reduce Liability

All data cables carry a small amount of electricity, but a system that utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology will transfer enough voltage to power a desk phone. It may not seem like a significant amount of energy, but it is enough to lead to electrocution and safety issues. Don’t let an exposed wire spark and create a fire, as it may not be covered by property insurance if the cables were not professionally installed.

Increased Performance and Reliability

Another benefit of having voice and data network cabling in Plainfield IN installed by an expert is that it will operate more reliably. If a cable isn’t correctly routed or if it becomes damaged during the process, it may lead to slow data transfer speeds. A trained technician will have a variety of tools to simplify the installation process, which will ensure the most reliable connection available.

If the time has come to replace or expand a company’s network, be sure to contact a seasoned pro. The team at Innovative Communication Solutions offers a variety of bespoke wiring services and will have a building equipped with a reliable network system in no time. Check out Ics-networking.com to learn more and set any size business up for success.

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