The Rules of Web Design

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Web Design


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Websites come in all different varieties. Some have lots of in depth text, others are primarily visual. Some are based in video content. Some websites are primarily interactive. But no matter what form your website takes, there are a few fundamental rules of web design. Breaking any of these rules will make your website less accessible, and thus, you will be able to drive less traffic and will have a smaller ROI. Here are the fundamental rules of web design.

A Website Must Be Easy to Read
The very first way you can turn off a potential customer is by confusing them. If they can’t understand the text, if the background is too distracting, if the text is right-aligned, if there are any barriers at all too easy comprehension, then that will lose you customers. Some people won’t even put in a millisecond of work; the second that they can’t understand the website, they’ll click out of it and never come back. It’s a straightforward thing, but readability is the first fundamental requirement.

A Website Must Be Easy to Navigate
You need to provide your customers with the tools to move around your website easily. This means that each individual page needs to be laid out properly, with content reading up to down and left to right, and the buttons to navigate to different pages need to be clearly labeled and available perpetually. Just like some people will click away the moment they can’t read something, a potential customer will leave your site if they can’t easily find their way around.

A Website Must Be Consistent
Having a consistent visual theme across different pages is key to web design. If Jacksonville, FL had a completely different layout from St. Louis, MO on a weather site, then you would think that you’d left the site and thus doubt the information. Having a visual schema that never varies provides a baseline for your visitors to know that they haven’t left the site.

A Website Must Download Fast
The final rule of web design is that you just can’t overload it. It doesn’t matter how cool your content is if it takes too long for a visitor’s computer to download it. If it takes more than a few seconds to load, then people will click away, their limited patience already up. Make sure your website downloads fast to make sure that when someone visits the page, they don’t leave it immediately.

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