Simple Checks For Issues With Magento Integration

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Web Design


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Magento, as you will learn quickly on virtually all blogs, websites, and forums, is really a high-end, large volume type of ecommerce platform. Because of this, it is not designed for the new ecommerce site owner or the person who wants to set up his or her own storefront.

Rather, Magento is designed to be used by website designers and developers with a strong foundation in working with this platform. While it does provide an amazing array of different features, Magento integration will often require a developer to not only ensure the app is working properly, but to fully integrate it with the platform as well.

However, if you are using an in-house team for your integration in the Magento platform, there are some relatively basic things you can look at to troubleshoot a problem before calling in the professionals. Often, these simple issues are the cause of the problem, but if not, at least they have been considered and ruled out.

Integration Requirements

When using the Magento platform, as with any other type of software or system, there are specific integration requirements. Different applications or features will have different system requirements, so ensuring you are running the latest version, or at least a version that meets the minimum requirements, is important.

With some of the third-party types of integration it will be essential to ensure that specific settings are configured in order to allow automatic updates. Check the information provided with the application and verify that all settings within Magento are correct for the application.

Consider Conflicts with Apps

If the issues with Magento integration occur after the addition of one or more apps, it may be a conflict between the apps or Magento extension that is causing the glitch or the issue.

To see if this is the issue, start from the last step and move backwards. Begin with the last app integrated and disable it. Make sure the system has restarted and check to see if the conflict is still present. Make sure to disable the extension or app completely and not just disable the output, as this will be the only way to address any potential conflict.

As with any type of software, it is a good idea to complete a full backup of the current site before starting any Magento integration. This will give you the option to go back to a restore point if you do experience any problems or challenges. Then, you can get the professionals involved to correct the issue before going live with the new features.

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