Points To Ponder When Considering An Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Software Company


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If you’re like many, you want to be technologically advanced and draw in a younger crowd. Many young people only do things on the computer, including kiosks. You have probably heard all the benefits of using an outdoor touch screen kiosk, such as it being open for business when you’re closed and more. However, there are things to consider before you make a final decision or have one built to your specifications.

Display Screens

The primary concern for many company owners is how well the display screens will look outside. Remember, they will be used outdoors, which means that they need to be seen in daylight, at night, and during rain and inclement weather. You’ll also want something that is rugged and able to handle the abuse and wear it will receive daily. Therefore, your outdoor touch screen kiosk must have screens that are suitable for the elements. Many prefer a flat panel display that’s bright enough to be seen outside.

How It’s Made

The materials used are also just as important as the screens. Your machine should be made with steel that’s been powder coated to ensure that it will survive the elements and won’t crack in extremely cold/hot circumstances. You may also be able to use aluminum and other materials, though it’s best to seek the advice of the manufacturer first.

Input Devices

In most cases, you will not need any input devices, such as a keyboard or mouse because everything will be shown on the screen and customers will type things in and use their finger to move around on the touch screen. However, you’ll want to ensure that the outdoor kiosk stands up to all types of hands and fingers. Some people will press overly hard on the display while others may barely brush against the screens.

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