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by | Apr 25, 2017 | Web Development


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There are many options for developing and managing a website. One system you likely have heard of is WordPress, an open source content management system used to provide a framework for creating and easily editing web pages. This grants powerful tools for designers like LionLeaf, LLC. Despite its ubiquity, you may be unclear on what WordPress entails; if you need web design in Hartford, CT, here is some information you can use to help make a decision.

A Popular Platform

WordPress’s founders have a native hosting service, and this may cause some confusion for prospective clients confusing it with the platform itself. In truth, WordPress can be installed and hosted on any number of services or even one’s own servers. Its popularity means that hosting and development support for it is easy to find. Other content management systems may have less support, meaning a more difficult search for hosting and development for you website.

Open Source Support

The widespread usage of WordPress also has benefits in that, because of it being open source software, numerous people contribute to improving it, not just for their own purposes but for others as well. WordPress developers have an immense library of plugins to make use of – nearly 45,000 plugins, in fact. This gives flexibility and ease of customization that is hard to find in other content management systems. In the event that there isn’t a plugin for your specific needs, expanding custom functionality is very doable.

Accessible Administration

More than just being easy to set up and build with, WordPress remains easy to use for editing and maintaining your website well after initial design. The on-board administration tools allow clients to handle their own content updates without having to consult a developer again. Training can be provided so clients can make the most of these features and keep their site up-to-date. In addition, it’s possible to administrate multiple blogs on a single installation of WordPress, useful for larger sites with blogs headed by multiple authors.

Networking and Presentation

Especially important for clients starting up their site, WordPress has native support for numerous organizational features that make your site more search-engine and user friendly. A clean permalink structure, integrated link management, a strong tagging system, and standardized text formatting and styling improve both form and function. Coupled with quality SEO services, this helps users find your site and remember it.

Custom website development doesn’t have to be burdened with minutia or plagued by support issues. With WordPress, getting web design in Hartford, CT can be easy and efficient, yet still tailored to clients’ needs.

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