Marketing Your Paintings with an SEO Company in Miami

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Web Promotion


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Do you wish that you had more buyers for your paintings? The problem may be with your marketing. You may paint the most beautiful pictures that capture light and shadows with unique artistry, however, if you are not operating your business effectively, targeting the right groups of buyers, you may be doing yourself an injustice. In order to achieve a higher level of success, you must work smarter. This means that you need to be seen on the web. The best SEO Company in Miami will help you achieve those goals.

The first step in this process is a website and SEO consultation. At that time, you can address your goals, budget, and needs. Next, you need to decide who your buyers are. For example, are you marketing your products to professional decorators, stores, galleries or everyone? Perhaps, you are offering family portraits based on a photograph that someone sends you. Either way, the website must be clear in what you are offering and to whom.

When did you start painting and what inspired you? Though that question may seem old hat, it is important. Those types of questions should be featured on a section of the website where the potential buyers can review your background. For example, if you were self-taught let buyers know that. When a person falls in love with a wonderful work of art, they want to know more about the artist. Further, it will add to the appeal and popularity of the piece.

In terms of pricing, do you only want high-end buyers? Think about that question carefully. Consider how long it takes for you to paint a picture, and determine if you can offer some lower pricing options in order to drive volume for your business. Further, consider limited editions to drive prices up. Though, in most cases, no two paintings will be exactly alike. This is because the buyer knows that once the inventory is gone they will have lost an opportunity. The right layout for your website and marketing plan can be further discussed by a consultant. Visit our site and hire an seo company that understands your business today!


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