What to Know About Sustainable Data Center Operations

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Web Promotion


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When data centers make the decision to have sustainable data center operations, they can work with an organization that is an expert in sustainability. This type of program helps data centers with a comprehensive plan to reduce their impact on the environment and become more sustainable. They also get recognition for their efforts through the organization’s media releases.

How It Works

When a data center works with an efficiency program to have sustainable data center operations, they start by signing an agreement. They meet with the organization to discuss their basic systems and data center configuration, and they meet with an assessor to make sure that they will be a fit for the program. The assessor will come to the data center to meet with the manager and evaluate what they find. Then, they will take their findings back to the certification council to decide the certification level.


Once they conduct the initial audit, they will write out a detailed report with all of their findings. In this report, they will provide a gap analysis with recommendations for improvements. This gives the data center certain goals to meet, and they can improve their sustainable data center operations. They award these data centers with a digital badge for their websites and their email signatures. They will also announce the certification and provide a plaque. Working with this type of organization simplifies data center sustainability because they are experts and can advise the data center. They understand that every data center is different, and they approach each one as an individual.

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