Three Things Your Mobile Website Should Include

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Web Design


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As a business owner, a well-designed website is everything. An interesting, creatively drafted and informational website can make all the difference when it comes to soliciting prospective customers and getting them to engage in your brand, business, service or idea. Companies that specialize in the website design in Santa Cruz can help to ensure that your business has a strong online reputation and a thriving website. SEO companies know and understand how important it is to provide prospective consumers with information regarding a business’s location; to use legible text; and to provide numerous links to affiliated resources and social media sites.


What good is a website to a prospective consumer if they can’t get in touch with you and have no idea where you are located? SEO companies that specialize in website design in Santa Cruz know that this is an important component for any well-designed site. Not only is it important to list the direct location, but to also have a contact form available that consumers can fill out should they have any direct and immediate inquiries. Many websites also feature live maps that can help consumers pinpoint the business location and even access directions to and from the premise with the simple click of a button. A well-designed website never fails to include this information; making it easy for consumers to find all the data they need in one consolidated location.


This is another important feature for well-designed websites. Companies that specialize in website design in Santa Cruz understand that a business’s unique website needs to be informational, but legible above all else. While fancy text can help enhance the visual appeal of a particular website, it can also deter people from visiting the page. If people have a hard time reading and understand the text, they are less likely to visit the page again and more likely to look elsewhere for similar services. Keeping it short, sweet and easy to read is best.


Another important aspect of a well-designed website is direct access to a number of other links that can provide additional information. Links to social media is important, too. This helps to ensure that prospective consumers feel connected to a particular business or brand; not only will they be able to access pertinent information on a company’s website, but will also be able to explore other platforms that can provide them with greater insight and more information.

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