Network Assessments and How They Help You

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Web Design


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A network handles many things in the everyday dealings of business. From product data to client files, to the company website, a business owner needs to know that the network they have can do what they need. This is where assessments and advisory solutions come into play.

What They Are

There are many things network assessments can do for business. This review of your company’s current IT network is designed to tell you what your business has in place, how well it’s performing, whether there are problem areas, and which upgrades may be in your company’s best interest. They look at things like current management needs, security protocols, and what kind of load the network is being used for.

What They Do

An assessment should be performed on any managed networks you have. Assessments and advisory solutions look at are the resources your network is currently using, and if they are under or over used. The professional performing the assessment will be able to make recommendations for resource allocation and upgrades. They will also be able to tell you about the advantages and pitfalls of your current system.

Network security is another area the assessment focuses on. Are there any holes in the system? What are the best solutions to fix these, and how will your business advancement affect the security of your network? From the assessment, you will be able to determine if your network needs a full security upgrade, or if a smaller solution is a better fit.

An assessment can help you catch potential problems before they become large issues, and offer possible solutions. For an Apple based network, a business may want to have their assessment performed by an Apple authorized service provider. They can also offer professional support to streamline existing IT departments.

When to Have One Done

It is recommended to have a network assessment when planning on upgrading your business’s technology, or before a large project that could have an effect on your current network structure. For example, changing over to a VoIP phone service may affect what you need from your network, or a large product roll out may change the amount of data you need the network to store. You may also want to ensure you have an adequate server backup in the process.

It’s easy to see how network assessments and advisory solutions can benefit business. A review of the system can tell a company both what they have and what they may need in the future.

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