Need an API Developer? 5 Tips to Hiring Right

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Computers


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An application program interface developer can do a lot to help you get your apps right, says White Sunrise. However, finding a good team or specialist isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to make sure you the get the Atlanta API developer you need:

Reach out to employees

Remember that you have a good resource right within your fingertips: your employees. Ask them to spread the word about the company needing an application program interface developer and you could net a few good names or referrals off that way.

Go online

Plenty of companies offer their services online. So do plenty of online research and check them out. This is an excellent way to find and hire the Atlanta API developer you need.

Prepare interview questions

Once you have a list of candidates, expect the rounds of interviews to follow. One thing that’s going to make those interviews go that much faster is preparing a set of interview questions in advance. That way, you won’t forget to ask about a key issue or major requirement before you proceed to anything else. There’s nothing worse than having good rapport with a candidate only to find out, later on, that they lack a specific skill set you require for the job.

Go with your gut

Trust your instincts. They might look good on paper but if they don’t have people skills or they’re bad at communication, then you might want to hire someone else. Misunderstandings can make even the simplest task difficult. Go for a company that’s going to help you manage your workload and reduce your stress instead of adding to it.

Take your time

Hiring right is always worth it. So don’t rush through the selection process. By waiting it out, you’ll find the right developer for your team and project, sooner or later.

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