Is Your Salon Web Design Ready To Go Mobile?

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Web Design


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It seems that the world of technology is constantly creating the need for change for businesses. One of the biggest changes in the way that customers shop and find businesses and services has to do with the way they search for those businesses. If you have used a salon web design company in the past you may need to revamp your website to include the latest in technology.

The biggest issue for salon web design sites that were published more than a couple of years ago is the increasing use of smartphones and tablets to access online content. In the not too distant past everyone used a computer with a standard size of screen, at least to the web design program. Now, people are using much smaller screens or mid-sized screens, which create a whole new problem.

Too Small to Read

If your salon web design is elaborate with lots of images, content and pages you may find that when you try to view it on a smartphone or a tablet it is impossible to read and navigate. This is because the website is only designed for use with a computer, not with a device with the smaller screen.

The answer to this is a new technology known as Responsive Web Design and actually allows the device you are using to be sent a specific types of website that will display correctly. This is all done automatically and does not change your salon web design except to make it more compatible with the device screen.

Changes You Will Notice

The changes are so subtle you will not even realize the difference. Extraneous material that will make the smaller display look cluttered is not shown, but this allows the important information to be easy to read and see on the page.

In addition the navigation may change slightly to work with a smaller screen that is of a different shape and dimension than a computer screen. Photos, galleries, social media feeds and all other information will be part of the salon web design that you see on your smartphone or tablet.

The terrific news is that your salon web design professional will set this all up for you, and you don’t have to have multiple websites. Changes are easy and simple to make to keep adding new content and new information for your customers.

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