Invest in Advanced Real Estate Cloud-Based Management Solutions

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Software Company


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Are you looking for a way to store, share, manage and e-sign real estate documents for your real estate company? Say hello to Reesio! They can turn your real estate brokerage around when it comes to organizing with software that’s second to none. Make your brokerage work more efficiently for you and your agents when you use software geared to implement advanced real estate management. Creating a new real estate brokerage is easy, all you need to do is invite agents. When they have joined, transactions can be reviewed and managed. If you desire, you can also create transactions for your agents as well as for yourself.

Utilize Compliance Templates

Reesio can provide you with the software you need to set-up compliance templates for agents. You can even set them up in a specified order for real estate transactions. Do you want to know when tasks have been completed? You will also have the ability to flag documents and tasks so they can be reviewed before agents are allowed to mark them as finished. Compliance templates give you peace of mind so you know that agents are always following required processes. Once documents have been flagged as finished, you can set up an automatic notification so you can review them. This gives you the opportunity to review, disapprove, approve and add comments. You will also be able to store documents and conversation logs forever. Would you like to be able to lock documents until you can approve them? You can do that too with software provided by Reesio.

Say Goodbye to Legal Headaches

Being able to reduce your liability goes a long way in avoiding legal headaches. Reesio has the ability to give you auditing capabilities and full visibility when it comes to agent’s transactions so fewer mistakes happen. Less liability risk means you won’t have to worry about information being lost or being unprepared for audits.

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