Facebook Has Killed Organic Reach, Now What Do You Do?

by | May 30, 2016 | Internet Marketing


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You just got out of a meeting with your marketing team, asking them for the hundredth time why you’re still seeing a decline in the organic reach of your company’s Facebook posts. They may stammer an excuse or come right out and say it: organic reach is dead, and Facebook killed it. Ask any social media management company, no matter how engaging your content is, if you aren’t paying for sponsored ads or to boost your posts your audience just isn’t seeing them.

Facebook has slowly been phasing out the ability to reach customers for free over the years, but it has done it so incrementally that most people didn’t even notice. You may have thought that your content was just falling flat or that it wasn’t shareable enough; but, the truth is it’s not you, it’s them. The good news is that there’s still hope. Here are two ways you can reach your audience and get the most out of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Hire a Professional

Facebook is constantly updating its algorithms, and the changes very rarely benefit you as a business. Keeping up with those changes can be difficult, and if you don’t understand how to properly use the tool to be seen by your audience, you might as well not generate any content at all. Just like SEO experts, there are people out there that specialize in social media management. A social media management company will have a team of professionals who not only excel at creating engaging, shareable content, but it is their job to stay up to date with changes in platforms like Facebook and Twitter to make sure their content gets seen by your network of friends and followers.

Suck It Up and Pay

Before the world was full of Facebook and other social media platforms, businesses had to pay for almost all of their advertising. Though a solid Facebook campaign will now require you to shell out a few bucks, in the big scheme of things it is still a relatively small investment that has the potential to offer an enormous ROI. If you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that investing money in paid Facebook campaigns is one of the smartest ways to use your marketing budget.

The death of your business page’s organic reach potential can come as a hard blow, but – as with every change in the business world – it’s adapt or die. If you work with a social media management company and understand these changes, you can still leverage Facebook as a valuable marketing tool.

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