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Top Five Reasons to Switch to a Vendor Managed Inventory System

When the vendor or supplier is in charge of managing and replenishing inventory, it’s considered a vendor managed inventory (VMI) system. It can be good for everyone, from the company to their clients. With a VMI system, customers get products using fewer transactions. This can cut costs

Challenges & Opportunities for Increasing ITSM Maturity in Education, Government, and Healthcare

A recent HDI report commissioned by Business Name focused on three verticals, education, government, and healthcare. Though each vertical faces its own set of challenges, they share three common traits: Strong and specific compliance requirements Financial constraints over which they have limited control Mandates to modernize IT

Software Exploits Can Be Avoided by Companies Easily in San Jose, CA

There are many hours put into creating new programs. Some hackers spend just as many hours trying to find exploits to steal information or cause chaos. That is why there are people needed to find application vulnerabilities, so these criminals are unable to cause too much damage.

Three Powerful Means of Boosting Security During Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions occur frequently in the world of commerce when two businesses join forces as a new entity and the larger company buys the smaller one. Here are some ways you can boost your M&A CyberSecurity when you’re contemplating such a transaction. How Involved Parties Can

Four Main Reasons to Use a Talented Web Designer In Columbia, SC

With all the online web design kits today, it’s tempting to save money and try to create a website yourself. However, there’s a lot more strategic work involved in getting websites ready for top search engines. That’s why you need to call an experienced web designer. That

What Are Some Network Security Tips for Your Small Business?

We live in a digital era in which the information and records that commerce thrives on are processed with software and moved through the internet. Increasingly, much of an organization’s data is being stored in the cloud. This interconnected digital world of ours is one rife with

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